• Coach E

What will the gym be like when it reopens?

Hey everyone. Now I know the gyms in England have been open since the 25th of July, so it was exciting news when it was announced that the long wait is over and the gyms in Scotland will reopen on the 31st of August! I know that a lot of you have been missing your normal workout routines, classes and equipment. But will it be the same? What will change? Will I need to wear a mask? These are just some of the questions I’ve been getting asked. So I thought I would take a minute to identify the changes that have been brought in at some gyms and other changes that might be brought in.

Temperatures Taken – Some gyms have brought in temperature check at the front door before you enter the gym. This is a non-invasive handheld thermometer that checks you do not have a high temperature which as we know is a symptom of COVID-19.

Booking in Advance – For a lot of us we fit in our workouts around our busy schedules. However, this might not be possible in the initial stages of the gyms opening. A lot of the gyms that have already opened in the UK are requiring you to select a time slot or class to be allowed to use the gym and they cancel bookings for those who are late.

No Changing Rooms – As the spread of COVID-19 can be passed to each other when in close proximity and from surfaces, most changing areas will be closed and you will need to turn up in your kit ready to go and get showered and changed at home.

Personal Hygiene – Now anyone who uses the gym knows that they should clean all the equipment they use, however in practice most people give it a customary wipe with a paper towel or more selfish gym users don’t even bother doing that. As bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces for hours it will be essential that all gym users clean all the equipment they are using before and after they use it, this will help keep yourself and other gym users safe. As with other businesses some gyms are also requiring participants to sanitise their hands before they are allowed to enter, but if they don’t I would say it’s best practice to do it anyway.

Less Equipment and Less People – As we have heard since the start of this pandemic, we need to keep our distance from each other. The gyms are no different! To accommodate this, gyms will be removing equipment and machines to make more space. Alongside reducing the number of equipment some gyms will also be reducing the number of people that will be allowed in the gym, putting up screens between equipment and marking out 2 meter squares which you will be required to stay in whilst working out.

Masks – From what I have seen and been able to find out, gyms are not currently making users wear masks as they are doing over in the USA in some areas. With that said it might be different in Scotland when they open but we will have to wait and see. So keep an eye on your gym’s rules when they reopen.

The above is not an exclusive list and gyms might feel they need to bring in their own procedures to make using the gym as safe as possible, so it is essential that you familiarise yourself with your own gym’s guidelines before you smash your first workout. It is important to remember we all have a responsibility to try and make the gym environment as safe as possible because if not we will just get them taken away again! Therefore, use some common sense. Keep away from other gym users, clean all your equipment, wash your hands, do not touch your face and don’t forget to enjoy being back at the gym!

Thanks for reading. Keep evolving!

Coach E