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Hey everyone, I wanted to take a minute to talk about tight Iliotibial Tract (IT) band syndrome. It’s something that a lot of people suffer from and can be caused by repetitive bending of your knee during physical activity. It’s an area a lot of people neglect and forget to stretch which leads to pain and loss of performance.

So first off what is your IT band?

Basically It's a long piece of connective tissue that runs down your outer thigh. Your IT band keeps your hips and knees stable when taking part in any physical activity but is under stress when doing any explosive movements like jumping, running or skipping.

Why is it important to take care of your IT band?

Well simply put if you don’t look after your IT band it will lead to pain, reduced performance and can limit movement. This is called IT band syndrome. If I’m honest I never took care of mine in the early years of my basketball career and like everything else my body adapted and used my youth to compensate but as the years rolled on I started to notice it more and more and it is now an area I make sure to take the time to look after.

What causes IT band syndrome?

There are loads of reasons why you might have a tight IT band and for most it can be caused by excessive use when participating in sport or physical activity. However, it can also be cause by lack of use which causes it to shorten.

With all this in mind I thought I would share my stretching routine which I do to help with my IT band. I perform each exercise for 30 seconds on each leg and try to do this program twice a week. These stretches are not a treatment for IT band syndrome so if you are experiencing issues with your IT band then I would always advise seeking professional help from a physio or sports therapist. However, this is what I do to maintain my flexibility and keep my IT band healthy.

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