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Interview with Professional Basketball Coach John Day.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A massive thank you to John Day for agreeing to be interviewed. John first got into basketball at school where he learned how to play and referee. Since then he has moved into coaching and has been doing it for over 12 years and has coached at various levels. Last season he was the Assistant Coach for the Caledonia Pride who are a professional team competing in the WBBL. He has also coached at the international level and has attended 2 European Championships in Moldova as Assistant Coach for under 16s Scotland women’s team and is due to go for a third time this summer, well depending on what happens with the COVID 19 outbreak. I had the pleasure of being Johns Assistant Coach a couple seasons ago and I have even been coached by him myself, so I know he is a coach with a lot of experience and thought it would be interesting to get his insight into the how strength and conditioning (S+C) affects basketball performance. Here is what he had to say.

1) So, to start us off, how important would you say strength and conditioning is for basketball?

Strength and conditioning is very important to basketball so players can physically deal with playing at the highest level. The more able your body is to deal with being hit and being in good enough shape to play a game is crucial. Without good S+C no High level player would last a full season injury free.

2) Do you think strength and conditioning is an area that players neglect?

Yes. Especially when players are young as they just think bodies naturally just get stronger but that is not enough if they want to play at a higher level.

3) Would you say from your experience there is much of a difference between amateur players and pros in relation to strength and conditioning?

Yes a massive difference. You will not find a professional team that doesn’t do S+C as part of their weekly program. A lot of amateur teams won’t have a S+C program at all.

4) Have you seen a change in players physical conditioning over the years? If so in what way?

Yes for sure especially from players that go to academies and are involved in national teams, it is compulsory in these environments to work on S+C.

5) Who would be in your perfect starting 5 of all time?

Kobe Bryant , Michael Jordan , Bill Russell , Steph Curry , Lebron James

6) What do you think the main difference in physical conditioning is between male and female players?

Woman seem to work more on leg and core strength than men do, that’s the biggest difference I have noticed.

7) Do you think there is a link between strength and conditioning and injury prevention?

Yes very much so. I think there should be more injury prevention in warm ups and more S+C put into training sessions as well (body weight for example).

8) What has been your best moment in basketball?

First win as a Head Coach of Scotland squad.

9) Finally, what advice would you give young players looking to be the best players they can?

Work hard, stretch, get in the gym, do the basics well!

Well thanks a lot for your time John. I’m sure my readers will find what you have said interesting and help them on their own journey. Keep me posted on your future success.

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