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Interview with Herbalife Coach Amy.

This week’s interview is with Amy who is a Herbalife nutrition coach. You might have already seen her in one of my fitness videos as I have been helping Amy reach her fitness goals over the last month or so. I thought it would be interesting to hear about her fitness journey, work and what Herbalife is. Enjoy!

So, to start off can you tell my readers about yourself? Who you are and what you do?

Hi my name’s Amy Thompson, I am a 27 year old hairdresser and Herbalife nutrition coach from Leeds. After meeting my partner on a holiday almost 3 years ago, I moved to Scotland and have been up here just over 2 years.

What is your background in health and fitness?

I am somebody who has always battled to get control of my weight since my teens. In order to gain confidence in myself I have developed healthy habits over time. I have tried multiple diets which always result in binging and trying to claw it back with exercise. One thing I’ve learnt is I will never out train a bad diet. I have since been educated on the value of nutritional needs to fuel our bodies at an optimum level and exercise alongside that to achieve great and most importantly maintainable results.

I know you like to keep fit. How often do you exercise and what type of workouts do you do?

I used to play netball for a team back in Leeds, go to the gym (up to an hour) and run, so it was something like 5/6 times a week. Up here I joined a basketball social session mainly to make friends, I loved it and started training with the women’s team. We usually train twice a week, I would go to gym classes around 3 times a week. During lockdown I have been doing 2-3 runs per week and 2-3 home workouts. I love HIIT training, circuits and your range of home workouts too particularly the AMRAPs, great full body workout in just 15 mins! Although I still train quite a few times in total during the week, each workout is much shorter but higher intensity than my old hour gym sessions.

I know that you are a Herbalife nutrition coach. How did you get into this? What does your role involve?

I was introduced to Herbalife through Scott and Nicola Walker who have been coaching for many years, they are some friends I met through basketball. I started using the products as I felt my body didn’t reflect the amount I was training. I joined a 21 day challenge and my body became much tighter, I dropped body fat and gained muscle mass resulting in a much leaner physique. My role now is to help others develop healthy habits and ultimately feel happier and healthier.

What is Herbalife all about?

Herbalife is a 40 year old nutritional company, its products are developed by some of the world’s leaders in science and nutrition to nourish every cell in the body. We promote a healthy balanced lifestyle and our products are designed to conveniently support that.

What products do Herbalife do?

We have a wide range of products to suit every body’s nutritional needs from nutritionally balanced shakes and smoothies, high quality protein snacks, immune, digestion and heart supplements through to our elite sports range.

Which products do you like and use?

I use a wide range of products and I can honestly say I love them all. Here’s my top 5:

  • Formula 1 (award winning)- this is our meal replacement available in 9 flavours. A balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates with over 21 vitamins and minerals. It tastes delicious and is vegan and gluten free.

  • Formula 2- this is our multivitamin tailored to both men and women. Containing essential micronutrients our bodies need to function, developed by nutritional experts. Our bodies cannot produce these we must consume them, which is why I supplement.

  • Rebuild Strength (award winning)- I take this after a good workout to repair muscles and speed up recovery. It is high in protein and iron for red blood cell protection. It makes me want to workout just so I can have one, it tastes so good.

  • Hydrate (award winning) zero calorie orange flavoured electrolyte packed drink. We need electrolytes to regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure as well as help rebuild damaged tissue. I love to have this during or after a workout.

  • Chocolate protein bars (award winning)- these are a must if you have a sweet tooth like me, they’re sweet and chewy with fewer than 150 cals and have 10g of protein.

Is there a wide variety of products? Can you use them to cook and bake with? If so what are some of your favourite recipes?

We actually have a fantastic cookbook by celebrity chef Rachel Allen, containing a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes. My favourites are the Formula 1 pancakes and the Banana bread. Next on my list is the pizza!

What advice would you give anyone who is looking to use Herbalife?

The Herbalife products and nutritional plans are fantastic, but what our clients receive is so much more than that. All our clients get individual and group support, nutrition education and access to daily exercise, to really make sure they make long-term lifestyle changes, and do not simply achieve a temporary quick fix. I would be more than happy to help answer any questions anyone has about what we do.

I would like to thank Amy for her time and interesting interview. I hope some of you have found it helpful. If you would like any further information check out Amy’s Instagram, details of which can be found on my Instagram page

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