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Getting Back on Track!

Hey everyone, firstly let me start by saying Happy New Year. I hope everyone has had a good festive period seeing family, friends and eating too much. As most of you probably know this time of year is the busiest time of year for gyms and fitness professionals with all the new gym goers, new year resolutioners and those trying to get a head start on their summer body! So I thought I would take a minute to give you some tips on how to get back on track after the festive period, cause let’s face it most of us will have over indulged or had a bit of a break from our fitness goals.

1 – Don’t feel guilty!

You should definitely not feel guilty for taking a break from your fitness goals over the festive period, it can actually be a good thing to let the body rest and recharge. We have all had a hard couple years with restrictions, so I hope you all took the opportunity to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. Taking a couple weeks off isn’t the end of the world and remember the road to success isn’t linear, its filled with ups and downs! So, refocus and find the motivation to get back working towards those goals…which leads me nicely to my next point.

2 – Refocus and set some goals.

A good way to get back on track is to refocus and set some goals for the year. This will keep you motivated and moving forward, however make sure these goals are realistic!


Far too many times I see clients coming to me this time of year with unrealistic expectations in relations to what they want to achieve and how quickly they want to do it. Setting unrealistic goals and time frames can be very demotivating when you don’t achieve them so start small, make them realistic and this will keep you motivated.

3 – Don’t believe the hype!

This time of year is prime time for weight loss supplements, fad diets and quick fixes. Believe me there is no quick fix so don’t waste your money, the best thing to do is just get back to eating a balanced diet and focus on calories. If you heavily restrict your diet then you won’t have the energy you need to function and this can lead to brain haze, feeling drained and getting irritable. What I see a lot, is people ‘going on a diet’ and they cut out certain food groups which leads to them seeing some quick short term results but as soon as they stop they gain weight again. This causes a yoyo effect which leads to a constant cycle of ‘diets’. My approach to everything is moderation, if you completely cut something out you will just crave it. For more information on diet check out some of my earlier articles.

4 – Hydration is key!

I can’t tell you how many people I have seen over the years getting cramp during a session or on the treadmill. This can be helped by drinking enough water. The Eatwell guide states we should all drink 6 -8 cups of water a day. Hydration is not just important to stop things like cramp it also plays a key role in aiding digestion, temperature control and keeping the brain working. Water is the most important component to the human body therefore it’s essential to keep hydrated.

5 – Ease in

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying to push yourself too quickly. Start small and ease

back into it, otherwise you risk injury which will just set you back and be counter-productive. What I tend to do is a de-load week or two to easy clients back in and focus on form to reduce the chances of injury and get them used to working out again. It’s about getting back into the swing of it… not smashing personal bests!

Well I hope some of you have found this helpful. I would just like to finish by reminding all gym goers to be respectful. This time of year sees a huge mix of gym ability and experience hitting the gyms, from the experienced heads to the gym novices. If you’re an experienced fitness fanatic don’t get annoyed at all the new faces taking up the machines and weights and looking lost, don’t forget you were exactly the same when you first started! On the other hand if you are a novice be respectful to those who are in the gym by making sure not to waste time on equipment and make sure whatever you are doing is safe.

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Keep evolving

Coach E