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8 Simple rules to surviving the 'lock down'. #stayhome #lockdownfitness #fitnessinfo #TeamEVEX

Hey all, so thought I would do a quick guide to surviving the ‘lockdown’.

1 – Get active

Keeping active has loads of health benefits such as lowering your chance of stroke, reducing blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. It also helps regulate weight, which let’s face it during the lockdown is going to be important as we all love a good tv binge on our favourite shows whilst over eating. However, sitting for long periods of time can cause health problems such as loss of bone density, heart disease and raised cholesterol. Being active also helps with your mental health by reducing stress, releasing endorphins (which trigger positive feelings) and giving you a sense of achievement. I’m not even talking about massive runs or huge home workouts, simple things like 15 star jumps or squats every time you get up to make a drink or every time a tv show or film finishes. Even things like cleaning, hoovering or decorating all help you stay active. It doesn’t matter what you do just stay active and try not to sit for long periods of time!

2 – Make a plan

It’s easy to just let the days slips away sleeping in and watching endless shows on tv but lack of routine can cause you to become stressed due to lack of productivity. It doesn’t have to be a detailed plan but set out a few goals you want to get done each week and some daily tasks. This will also make sure you don’t forget anything important. I know a lot of people are working from home so having a plan keeps you focused and allows you to separate work from home life. This is important to keep you balanced which helps with your mental health and wellbeing.

3 – Declutter

Use this time to declutter and sort those cupboards and boxes in the attic or spare room that have been there since you moved in! We all do it, box up stuff we have no place for and say “that’s a job for another day” or “I will sort it tomorrow”. Decluttering can help you stay focused and relaxed in your home along with lowering stress and anxiety. It’s also a good way to get some exercise into your day!

4 – Have a break from all the tech!

Switch off your tv, laptop, tablets and phones. Instead try reading, play board games, cards or try a new activity like drawing. This will keep your mind active and stimulated which can contribute to your overall mental health and wellbeing.

5 – Healthy eating

It’s important at the moment to try and eat as healthy as you can to keep your immune system going. Your immune system is a very complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect your body. Eating plenty of fruit and veg along with staying hydrated can help keep your immune system working. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy some junk food while chilling at home but everything in moderation!

6 – Use the time to recover!

A lot of us have some sort of injury which we have picked up from working out, playing sport or even from work. Use this time to your advantage, take care and rehab those injuries. I’m not saying don’t workout but find some sort of active recovery if possible. Pilates and yoga can be a good way to strengthen and stretch muscles or adding in a dynamic stretching session each day or foam roller can all help with injuries.

7 – Sleep

It sounds so simple but get enough sleep. Its tempting as we are in lockdown to stay up late and neglect your sleeping patterns, but sleep is very important. Sleep helps your body recover, improves attention and concentration, keeps your heart healthy, helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces stress and helps your immune system work effectively.

8- Hygiene

As time goes on it could be very easy to let your daily hygiene slip. Most of us normally stick to a hygiene routing in our everyday lives. However, when that routine changes, it is easy to overlook the basics but at a time like this its very important to look after yourself. Germs which carry bacteria and viruses are all around us; on door handles, toilets, taps and even ourselves. They can cling to hair, clothes and jewellery. So follow the government advice for washing your hands more often, keep on top of your daily hygiene and remember to catch it, bin it, kill it! This will all go a long way to beating this virus, keeping yourself healthy and protect your family members.

Lastly just remember to stay safe and stay home!

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